The 5 Professionals You Want on Your Homebuying Team


Editor’s Note: The following list was written based on Canadian real estate and numbers 4 & 5 of this list may differ slightly for U.S homebuyers.


Whether or not you’ve purchased a home before, you’re probably aware of the long list of steps needed to go through the homebuying process. You want to find the right professionals to make sure your process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. From finding the right home to closing the deal, you’re going to need a team of service providers to help you get over the finish line. Thankfully, putting together your “team” is made simple with RELNKS. Not only can you find each of the following professionals on our platform, but you’ll also be able to work with some of them directly on RELNKS for an efficient and transparent experience. Let’s look at 5 real estate professionals you will want on your side!

1. Real estate agent

Perhaps the most obvious choice on this list, an experienced real estate agent can go a long way towards making your homebuying journey a less stressful one. Buying a new home can be overwhelming, but a good agent will guide you with sound advice – even after the offer has been accepted. From finding the right home to negotiating the offer, your real estate agent is there to make your homebuying experience as smooth as possible. For more information on real estate agents, check out our blog here.

Pro tip:

You’ll want to make sure you connect to your real estate agent through RELNKS. Add each other as participants for an optimal experience where you can work through the process together with full transparency.

2. Mortgage broker

We’ve previously written about the role of a mortgage broker, and like real estate agents they can be an important piece of the puzzle working in your best interest. When it comes time to determine how to finance your home, and with which lending institution, it pays to rely on the advice of an expert. Brokers will help you find the best options for your mortgage and help make sure the financial side of your homebuying process works for you. They will look at all angles of your financial situation and find solutions that may not be available on your own. While a mortgage calculator is a great way to get an estimate for your potential mortgage payment, a mortgage broker will let you know exactly how much you can afford and the loan amount you qualify for, not to mention help you secure the best available rate.

Pro tip:

Much like real estate agents, you’ll want to connect to your broker on RELNKS. While their focus is the mortgage, some brokers will be able to help you at other points in your homebuying process. Adding them to your RELNKS property will make sure you are both on the same page and is yet another component to making your process a smooth one.

3. Home inspector

Many people are unsure whether or not a home inspection is something they need, and while it’s ultimately your decision, we believe that the (comparatively small) fee is worth it to protect the large investment of a home. You’ll want to protect yourself as much as possible by having professional help to identify any existing or potential issues that can be found in a home inspection. Home inspectors are trained professionals that will take a thorough look at the house and structure. They act in your best interest and can end up saving you from significant spending in the long run. If you’ve included the home inspection as a condition on your offer, you may even have more negotiating power than before. Read more about conditions on an offer here. You can find trusted, local home inspectors on RELNKS as part of our complete homebuying process.

4. Real estate appraiser

While not a service provider that homebuyers order themselves, a real estate appraiser is a necessary part of the homebuying process. They are the unbiased professionals who provide an evaluation of a home’s value. An appraisal done by a licensed professional is required by lenders before issuing a mortgage. Factors like the size of the home, quality, condition, and presence or absence of key features impact the home’s value. Your broker will handle the entire appraisal process and, if you’re using RELNKS, you’ll be able to follow the status of your appraisal through our built-in Milestone Tracker. You can read more about appraisals here.

5. Real estate lawyer

You’ve made it through the mortgage application process and you now have a closing date (the day when ownership of the property is officially transferred to you). The home closing process requires a real estate lawyer to review and compile all the necessary documents. Your lawyer will make sure that, come the closing date, everything is in order to ensure you are taking clear and legal ownership of your new home. They will thoroughly examine the Purchase and Sale Agreement, ensure there are no claims or outstanding payments against the property, calculate land transfer tax, prepare closing documents, and much more, before ultimately being the one to hand you the keys to the house.

Pro tip:

Finding a lawyer is a core function of RELNKS. You can browse local lawyers as well as follow the progress of your home closing through our Milestone Tracker. You will also be able to use our Mobile Signing service to sign your closing documents anywhere at your convenience.

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