For Real Estate Agents

A better experience, presented by you.

RELNKS is a real estate platform helping you stay connected to your clients and provide a more complete experience. Use RELNKS to enhance your day-to-day client-facing business and take advantage of a streamlined, collaborative workspace.

Your online storefront

  • Grow your clientele. You’ll be found on the platform for nearby users looking for a real state agent.
  • Personalize your platform. Inquire about white label opportunities for a customized solution for your business and clients.
  • Earn more. Receive referral fees from selected services ordered by your client.

Your client connection

  • Empower clients. Happier clients = more referrals. Give clients a more engaging process by connecting on RELNKS.
  • Stand out. RELNKS lets you provide additional guidance and assistance to your clients at no cost to either of you.

Your timesaver

  • Manage with less effort. Invite, track, and manage multiple clients.
  • Share document storage. Keep all your files securely stored and ready to share.
  • Provide every resource. Provide your clients with everything they’ll need, and more, in an instant.