General info

Your username is the email address you used to create your RELNKS account.

To change your password, go to “My Profile” and click “Change Password”. You can also click on “Forgot Your Password?” on the login page to reset your password.

You can add a property to your account through the “My Profile” tab. Select the “+ Add” option next to “My Properties” and input the address of the property you would like to order services for on RELNKS. You can add multiple properties to your account.

Adding a property to your RELNKS account is necessary to order or use most RELNKS services. It can be a home you currently own, one you have purchased, or one you are looking to buy. If you’re a real estate professional, your properties are where you will connect with your clients. You can switch between different properties at any time.

You can add more than one property to your account through the “My Profile” tab. Select the “+ Add” option next to “My Properties” to add a new property.

To add anyone that you would like to share your RELNKS property with, visit the “My Profile” tab. Under “My Properties”, click “Add Participant” and enter the necessary information. This will give them access to the property. For real estate professionals, adding a participant is how you will connect with your client.

You can go to the “My Profile” tab to update information such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and change your password.

RELNKS is free for everyone to use. However, you may have to pay for services you order through the platform.

Customer care

You can connect with our customer service department by emailing support@relnks.com. We will respond to your query within 2 business days.

If you have any feedback for us, you can let us know by emailing support@relnks.com.

You can visit the Android or Apple store to download the RELNKS app.


To become a partner on our platform, please email partnerships@relnks.com with your contact information and company details. We will be happy to discuss our partnership opportunities in detail.

Please reach out to us to learn more about the payment structure at partnerships@relnks.com. We look forward to working with you in the future.

We encourage all kinds of real estate and property service providers to contact us at partnerships@relnks.com to discuss partnership opportunities.

Advertise with RELNKS

To advertise your services on RELNKS, please get in touch with us at partnerships@relnks.com.

Advertising costs will depend on the size and frequency of your ads. If you would like a breakdown of costs, please get in touch with your requirements at marketing@relnks.com.

Security & privacy

Yes, your personal information is secure on RELNKS. Please see our Privacy Policy  for a comprehensive understanding of how your information may be used.