About Us


We know what it takes to own a home and we’ve made it our mission to make it easier.

RELNKS is a real estate platform built to make buying a home an easier process for everyone involved. Whether it’s for a homebuyer, homeowner, or real estate professional, RELNKS is the central hub to find the people and resources needed at every step.

Our platform is about creating links in the real estate industry and making it simpler for professionals and homebuyers to work together. Everyone participating in the process can be added to a property on RELNKS and will be able to follow along or interact with actions taken on the platform. An interactive Homebuyer’s Checklist guides the process from start to finish, so even first-time homebuyers can feel confident. Create a free account and find the service providers and resources needed during a residential purchase, all in one place.

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Our Background

Backed by leading real estate software providers The Nationwide Group (TNG), RELNKS was built by experts who know homeownership inside and out. For over 30 years, TNG has been a pioneer in designing and developing outsourced financial services software, exclusively focused on creating comprehensive and customizable solutions for the real estate industry.

Meet The RELNKS Team

Executive Team

Tom McCormick
Founder & CEO
Éric-Vincent Kayigamba
Executive Vice President, International Sales
Matt Angus, LL.B. / J.D.
General Counsel
David Vitale
Executive Vice President, Sales
Colleen Colman
Vice President, Human Resources
Mahendra Dhillon
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Rueban Vignarajah
Vice President, Finance

Senior Management Team

Katie Villalta
Director, Project Management and Business Strategy
Maira Rahmani
Director, Operations
Taso Plagiannis
Director, Business Intelligence

Sales Team

Patrick Ardies
Regional Vice President, Western Canada
Rudy Naraine
Vice President, Sales
Kate Townshend
National Senior Account Executive
Todd Young
Senior Account Executive
Adam Calvery
Vice President, Product Development
Emily Ela
Vice President, Sales
Brett Powers
Senior Account Manager
Shawn Barmore
Vice President, Business Development
Ally Hammer
Regional Sales Manager
Danny Andonovsky
Vice President, Sales and Vendor Acquisition
Aaron Stuemky
Account Manager
Jeff Perra
Regional Vice President